Begin Again..

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myday at Hortus5apr2015 Me_Artis_6April2015












It has been a while since I wrote something, specially about me, how I am doing .So as my 30th Birthday came and went, I am left with a feeling of a new beginning. I had a wonderful weekend with Jake going for the first time to De Hortus and to Artis (for the millionth time).I thought that somewhere during the day, the sense of hitting the Big 30 will strike me somewhere but kudos to Jake for not letting me ponder too much about it for a single moment. We spent two beautiful days admiring god’s other creations and capturing them in photographs for my inspirations. Something new that I have started is doing a little sketch diary entry for such days I want to remember in my own memories.

With the beginning of another year, I plan to begin again with a fresh breath of hope and continue creating new artworks and hopefully regularly write a blog entry for exciting things or not so exciting ones as well .

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