Blossoms in full bloom at Keukenhof

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Well Keukenhof was going to be the place I was planning to spend my birthday on, but we changed the plans last minute and decided to stay closer to home. I kept thinking “how can I close this birthday season without visiting Keukenhof?” , so we decided to visit it this Sunday. I went to Keukenhof for the first time 2 years ago, yes no prize for guessing on my birthday and ‘amazed’ would be an understatement of how I felt that day. I am in love with the place, not just the tulips but everything about it, the gardens, the ponds, the variety of different trees and all other breathtakingly beautiful flower collections. The effort that goes in whole year to prepare this huge place for millions of tourists to visit for 2 months is unimaginable.

So did Keukenhof live up to the expectations this year ? Yes it did, rather took it to another level with The Rose show I could see and all the cherry blossom trees which were in full bloom this time of the year. Clicked a lot of pictures for inspiration later on. I know some people might say ‘ people these days don’t enjoy things rather just click pictures’ ,I am for those who do click pictures ,specially when you are somewhere which still seems unreal compared to what you have seen all your life. Your memory will never be as good as that moment, yes you can find pictures of the same flower, the same garden on google, but can you find the memory of what your eyes saw when they admired something, will there be a memory of how you looked surrounded by immense beauty of nature? guess we all have to thank the Science and technology. Having said that I am also someone who spends time ‘looking and admiring’ things as well .

Flowers are one of god’s creations which make me feel that human beings are such ugly creatures as compared to flowers. I know there will be a huge debate over this but then again it is just my opinion and most probably just me writing and reading this blog.

Above is the picture of something new I discovered this year there, It was this Japanese themed garden and this beautiful magnolia tree laden with fully bloomed flowers on top of this little hill top with stream of water flowing down in staircase fashion.

I am closing this post with a few lines I don’t know yet if will rhyme.


Colours everyone will see, yet it’s your fragrance that entices me.

You amuse with your transparent petals and the puzzles of veins, so delicate yet so strong to stay right up for the sun.

You are one of his creations, so ruthlessly proud, turning the joy of viewer into the frustration of an artist.

Such Confidence says it all “O Creative Soul ! no matter how good your creation is, I will still be prettier,will always leave in you in doubts, did you capture me well ?”

Garima Srivastava 13-April-2015



  1. Jake Douma

    It’s a real pleasure to see you writing again! I’m looking forward to many more in the future.

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