Going back to doodling

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I’ve always loved doodling .Whether it was part of my lecture notes from back when I was studying or office notepad while I was working, I loved it . All of my old notebooks are proof of this old love of mine, little flowers, cartoons and all sort of patterns. Although I loved the innocent doodling I never really tried doing it seriously as part of some artworks. Being away from office job left me a little rusty with my doodling skills, so I thought it was now time to re-do-the-doodle ! Watched some online tutorials and I really enjoy doing it again. I find it therapeutic !

I’ve started combining the doodling with other forms of my interests, with watercolours on backdrop and stamp making . I sometimes first do watercolour background and then doodle above or sometimes in reverse. While me and Jake watch our shows on Netflix, I sometimes doodle in my sketch diary and if we like something out of there which we want to use for later I make my own rubber stamp using it. Although Jake hates when I pull out my stamp making kit (I have managed to stab myself very badly once with the carving tool), I seriously LOVE IT, have made quite a few of them already. Will make a separate post about the stamps but for now here are a few pictures of my latest doodling works.


tree doodle
Practise sheet for tree doodles
Floral doodle practise I did while waiting for a Doctor’s appointment
Doodle Town-I with watercolours and ink
Doodle town with watercolour pencil and ink



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