2015 Highlights

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Winter watercolor landscapeI know,I know,I am probably too late to write a 2015 -16 look back and look ahead post for the beginning of this new year, but better late than never !

What a year 2015 was! I will always remember this year as the one when I finally got my own studio, may be a small room in our apartment it still is my little corner of heaven. On a gloomy day and believe me there are enough of them, all I have to do is bring enough courage in myself to go up to my working table and the sight of any last work or the brushes laying there just brings back light on my face. So thanks Jake for the beautiful birthday gift, I love my studio!

With the new studio table to work at I started to concentrate more on watercolours and was able to produce a very cohesive collection which I later displayed at art markets in Amsterdam. I plan to write a separate post about the whole market experience that day. Among all of the new work , market participation and a year full of being busy doing what I love I would remember this year as the year I took the leap of faith and decided to register Mylittlebasil at the chamber of commerce as a one person business, yes I am a business now! No matter how small it is now, I believe in my work and have faith that with some effort and investment of time and money this will grow just as my dreams are growing.

Before you think my year was perfect I also want to remember this year with all the personal struggles we faced. Some we can discuss publicly and some not but if you would ask me for the worst moment of the year, well it was to see Jake after his surgery. The night I spent with my eyes wide open shall always be one of the longest ones in my life.

I know how a post like this might seem boring but I do want to write this for myself to remember this year’s highlights.

So goodbye 2015,you brought me my fair share of joys and tears and I am looking forward to this new year 2016 with new horizons to explore, collaborate, experiment, a bright new hope for a better year personally and professionally.

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